Article Roundup: March Madness, Social Media & The Second Screen

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March Madness has finally arrived! The NCAA Tournament has always been a fun time for friends and fans to fill out their brackets, watch their favorite games, enjoy the camaraderie and appreciate its true madness. Even if you’re not a fan of NCAA basketball (or in my case UNC basketball!), you can appreciate the storm of sports fans taking to Twitter & Facebook to engage with the tourney.

The explosion of social media and second screen engagement has ensured that March Madness will never be the same. Here are some articles to prove it:

Tennessee takes more progressive approach to social media than its peers | Yahoo! Sports
This is an older article (2012), but I wanted to include it in my round up to give you an idea of the precautions most NCAA teams are taking when it comes to social media and their athletes. Most teams have opted for strict social media bans for their players. Not Tennessee. They understand that the best way to harness social media is by educating their players on the best way to use it, and placing confidence in their ability to use Twitter, Facebook, etc. responsibly. They even added their players’ twitter handles to their roster bios!

March Madness Teams Disappoint on Social Media | Mashable

Even though some teams, like Tennessee, are embracing social media, only 45% of tourney teams have team-specific accounts on both Twitter & Facebook. Most teams are still relying solely on their athletic department to control their social media. Last year, however, March Madness drove over 2 million social mentions with 83% of sports fans checking social media during games – now’s the time to get on board.

Social Media Makes March Madness More “Mad” |
This article gives some great insight into the reasons why fans are spending so much time with social media during sports games in general, let alone March Madness. It’s because more and more people are using social media to get the feeling of watching a game with a group. I know it makes me feel better to see all my fellow UNC alums tweeting and posting updates to Facebook during the tourney!

Facebook fun: How each NCAA tournament region breaks down in number of ‘likes’ | Yahoo! Sports
Facebook recently tabulated the number of Facebook “Likes” each team in the NCAA has, broken down by region. The team with the most likes per county won, and the team with the most county wins takes the region. Notice the South Region – North Carolina is taking it home! This article also has some really interesting facts about March Madness.

‘March Madness’ Meets Social Media: Top Social-Media School Crowned | PRNews
This might be my favorite article about March Madness. Schwartz MSL Insights Group conducted a NCAA Social Media College Basketball Bracket Analysis. Basically, they looked at the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube networks of each team in the NCAA to determine which has the most engaged following. They named Duke (I can hardly say it) as the winner, but we all know UNC should have taken this one!

Missing March Madness? Get Quick Video Recaps on Twitter | Digital Trends
Now this is one of my favorite ideas. Why? It’s inevitable that one of your favorite teams will be playing while you’re at work. @MarchMadness is solving your conundrum by tweeting 15 second highlights of each game! This way you don’t have to commit to a live-stream AND you can see the best bits of madness.

How do you participate in the madness?

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