Twitter’s New Release: “His$r” Responds to Negativity in Tweets

Want to “hiss” about your recent experience at the airport or complain about your overcast vacation without losing followers? Look no further.

Twitter introduces his$r

In response to a recent study that found being overly negative in your tweets as the second most harmful factor in growing an army of Twitter followers, Twitter has announced a new service for all of those not-so-happy tweets: HisSr.

Now if you’re in a particularly poor mood or you just HAVE to make your bad experience known, don’t throw a hissy fit, just use HisSr. All of the same rules apply: 140-characters, shortened links, etc.

Aside from the content of the tweets/his$es, one of the other main differences will be the standard colors of your profile (rather than the refreshing blue, His$r will be predominantly black). You’ll also be able to create a new alias, so that instead of “@Nancy,” you might name yourself “@Negative_Nancy.” Even cooler – get used to the “$” to group your dislikes instead of the traditional “#” hashtag.

But what are the implications of a service like this? Remember a little over a year ago when there was speculation about the addition of a “dislike” button on Facebook? Though it turned out to be just a scam, maybe we’ll see a “deFacebook” soon?

Personally, I try to be as positive as I can be on Twitter – it’s just more refreshing that way. There are definitely occasions when I really want to let a certain brand know just how much they’ve messed up. But, usually I keep my negative thoughts to myself, in favor of keeping my followers happy as well. I may or may not create a His$r account, but I’ll definitely check it out when it launches next week.



…April Fools!

Nope, Twitter won’t be introducing any “negative tweet only” service…at least not any time soon!

 How will you celebrate April Fools’ Day? 


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