When do you stop calling it work?

Last month I attended Sodexo Foundation’s 15th annual fundraising dinner. A dinner I’ve attended about 10 times over the years. It’s a night filled with awards, speeches, catching up, a few tears, lots of laughs, being inspired, and remembering what got us here. It was a great night for a great foundation that’s doing an admirable thing, working to end childhood hunger in the US.

While I was sitting there taking it all in I realized there is a point at which work stops being work and it turns into a shared passion to achieve something great, to make an impact. A point when your client becomes your friend, and you have the chance to help make the world a little bit better… is really why we all do it.

This year for Sodexo Foundation’s 15th anniversary we created an animated video that told their story — how it came to be, what they do, and the impact it’s made since its inception. And as I’m sitting in my chair consumed with anticipation, waiting for the video to play, it came to me that my nerves were not about whether or not the video was going to play smoothly or would people like it, but it was nerves fed by pride.

A pride similar to that of a father watching his daughter perform a solo for the first time or a mother sending her child off to college. Knowing that you’ve been there through it all and played a part in their journey. A pride that comes from having the opportunity to partner with an amazing organization for the past 15 years and to be a part of their team. Being there through its growing pains, celebrating its accomplishments, and helping tell its story.

It’s one of the great things I love about doing what I do. I get to help non-profits, businesses, and people do what they do, but better. Whether it’s rebranding, promoting a great product, raising awareness for an incredible cause, or maybe even ending childhood hunger…there is absolutely a point at which work stops being work.

Have you ever experienced that?

If you want to check out some of the work we’ve done for Sodexo Foundation over the past 15 years check out this playlist.



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2 Responses to When do you stop calling it work?

  1. Aunt Cindy

    Nik…you all do wonderful work bring these issues to the forefront. That little boy is certainly a doer! Beautiful presentation on his work. Thanks for sharing….keep up the good work (all of you). :-)

  2. Julie

    You are awesome! So glad we had the honor of meeting you!! Love your creations and thank you for all you do!

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